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Our journey began five years ago working nights in between our day jobs, and selling peanut butter at local farmers' markets around our home town of Wellington.  Today, you can find our peanut butter throughout New Zealand.  We also export to Australia, USA, Singapore and the Philippines. 

We think our nut butters are so popular because people can taste the difference in a product that’s handmade by humans who care about quality.


We're at the 'fairly obsessed' end of the nut butter spectrum. We love to create delicious, innovative and unique peanut butters.  

There’s no shortcuts or funny business in what we do. 

We use only the best ingredients and have a passion for profiling local and ethically sourced produce. 



We love to bake and cook with peanut butter - it's an incredibly versatile food that can be added to either sweet or savoury dishes. 

You can see a full list of our favourite recipes by clicking below. 


Fix & Fogg peanut butter is simple and healthy: we use extra dark roasted hi-oleic peanuts and a sparing amount of organic Marlborough sea salt. 
Hi-oleic peanuts are a special type of peanut known for their great flavour and - importantly - high levels (39%) of monounsaturated fats ... that's the good stuff like the kind found in olive oil. 


Tucked away down the Eva Street laneway under the old Hannah's shoe factory is our little peanut butter window. 

We'd love you to come say hi and try our peanut butter.  You can buy a jar or two, and grab some peanut butter on toast (with all of our favourite toppings).