Our New Refillery


Our Eva Street window just got a little more exciting! We now have a peanut butter refillery. From today, we can now refill your empty, clean F&F peanut butter jars. Each month, we’ll have one variety on the tap starting with our classic: Super Crunchy.

Offering a refill service has been something we’ve wanted to do for a while because it fits with our dedication to lessen our footprint and help cut down on waste. Yeah, we do our bit already by recycling our jars and donating to The Free Store but if you know us then you know we like to push ourselves to do more. We've found a way to fill while you wait so now you can stop by grab some toast or porridge and take a freshly piped jar home with you - in your old F&F jar.

You win, we win, planet earth wins

The refillery helps us cut down on packaging and recycling, which is awesome, but the real winner here is you. Yep. We can refill your 375g F&F jars for $7.00 from our Eva Street window Tuesday - Saturday 9.30 am - 3.00 pm. So tell your friends and hopefully, we’ll see you at the window soon!


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