Fix & Fogg at Wellington Airport



Heading overseas and looking for something a little bit different? Move on over triangle chocolate hello F&F canisters. We’ve always known that our PB goes well on everything, and this now includes international flights. We’re chuffed to say the least! 

Okay, we know that Duty Free is full on for the senses. We like to see our stand as an oasis of calm amongst the bright, plastic stands selling perfumes, cosmetics, and candy. We had our “oasis” built by Tom Martin, a local Wellington builder who has stuck to the brief of keeping it simple and natural, words that reflect our brand and the our range of peanut butter. You can find us in a dedicated area of Wellington artisan brands: Wellington Chocolate Factory and Havana coffee and the custom floor design is a homage to all 3 brands.

And check that flag. Does it look familiar? Yup, it’s just like the original we have flying outside out Eva flagship store in the lanes. It was hand sewn by Miranda of Sissy Stitch who met F&F when Andrea and Roman first began selling PB at local markets in Wellington. Miranda is another local whose craft we admire and want to give a shout-out to.

Time for you to travel in style. Our PB canisters are the perfect gifts for your beloved peeps overseas, or for your own pantry when you’ve come home to roost. Jars have been “flying” (heh) off the stand, purchased by people from near and far. And we wouldn’t be surprised to see someone eating that PB goodness straight from the jar on a long-haul. Go and get yours.



Roman Jewell