Honey Peanut Butter

Honey I'm Home!

From humble beginnings comes the latest addition to our peanut butter range, and we thought we’d take a moment to tell you the story of how Fix & Fogg Honey peanut butter came about…

Honey + PB, it’s a classic combo really - that perfect balance between sweet and salty, you could almost say it’s a no-brainer. There’s a hard core of PB aficionados out there who swear by it (though some people also swear by PB and vegemite, which isn’t for everyone). There’s also the question of convenience - why get your honey jar all mucky with peanut butter and vice versa when you could have it all in one jar? We wanted something natural, well-considered and balanced for this flavour, and so the hunt for the right honey began.

The apiculture industry in NZ is a small and passionate one, so we were really excited about the opportunity to profile the beautiful honey we have in this country. We started our tests with a Wild Thyme honey from Central Otago. This honey has a sharp, pungent “nose” (honey lingo) with the strong herbal aroma of thyme in the aftertaste. Though a few of us were fans it has a limited annual yield and was too contentious within the F&F team to be an outright winner. And so we moved on to Kāmahi honey from the rugged West Coast. However, the more gentle and mild flavour of this honey just wasn’t enough to offset the rich, toasty flavour of our Super Crunchy peanut butter, and nor was the Wild Flower honey we tried next.

We needed a strong, bold honey that wasn’t overly sweet, and we found it in J.Friend and Co’s Beechwood honey dew from Oxford in North Canterbury. This honey has the added benefit of containing high levels of oligosaccharides (a complex carbohydrate), which are helpful in maintaining and promoting beneficial bacteria in the gut.

J.Friend’s commitment to artisan beekeepers throughout the country made them the obvious choice for a collaboration, and so it was pure good luck that their organic, raw Beechwood honey was such a perfect fit.  It’s a dark amber-coloured honey with a golden syrup-like consistency that makes it ideal for achieving a smooth, even-textured peanut butter. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome - our Honey PB is sweet without being sickly, and the flavours are carefully balanced, so that neither peanuts nor honey dominate. And from the positive feedback we’ve had so far it seems that you guys are enjoying Honey as much as we are, which is all we ask really!

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